Problem: big corporations are too comfortable to innovate, and get stuck behind more transformative and creative brands. Ray-Ban is one of those companies. With Gen Z as the target audience, Ray-Ban has an opportunity to win a new demographic over competitors like Warby Parker and Oakley. Data suggested that Gen Z like clean style of graphics and have a preference for "nostalgic" and "iconic" themes and figures. We decided for Ray-Ban to channel a classic, timeless attitude with a "Classic for a reason" tagline. Gen Z's favorite medium is Instagram, and the focus was on that platform. 



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UX designer: John Falcone

Strategists: Raaga Rajagopala, Olivia Boswell

Media Planners: Carolina Monteiro, Kevin Casperson

Account manager: Jessica Kirschenbaum

Art Director: Stacy Yurishcheva