The one time I played Juliet

There is a class offered at my university called Russian Through Theater (no pun intended). I took it last year and decided to kick myself out of my comfort zone yet again this year.

The purpose of the class is to prepare a bilingual play in 10 weeks. As a team of 25 we did not only memorize our lines and cues, but also made costumes, decorations, make-up, picked music and did PR for show night to get a bigger audience. We also had an experienced writer-director working with us. An estimated 150-200 people came to watch our production and even donated to the Russian department. It was a very stressful, yet exciting process and the actors/crew created a very special bond over love for Russian culture, theater and good literature.

This year we did a Russian happy-ending version of Romeo and Juliet called Lady Peasant, based on Alexander Pushkin's story of the same name. I was cast as the original, Shakespeare Juliet. 

Here are some photos from show night! (Photo credit: Paul W Harvey)