Living it up as a Radio DJ

Since October 2016 I've been hosting a talk show with fellow international students at KWVA Eugene 88.1 (aka Eighty-Eight Point Wonderful). That's when I realized I also really love playing music for others. It was like having one giant Aux chord (and nothing feels better than to be one in control of the Aux chord). I subbed around for DJ's for a couple months and then finally in January 2017 was awarded a separate slot for music. A bit of an early bird shift, but I learned to love it! Every time I sub my show is called Study Break, my Friday show is the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Radio Hour and my Sunday morning show is my two favorite things in life: Eggs and Bacon. Tune in, especially if you're on the East Coast!  Fri 4-5pm EST/1-2pm PST and Sun 9-10am EST/6-8am PST. The theme is always "feel good music"!