In my spare time, besides attending house shows, I like to design posters, stickers and other graphic content for local bands, DJs and live show venues. Here’s who I’ve worked with: Laundry, Spiller, Novacane, Cherry Meltdown, Los Gondos, Join The Dance, The High House, The Dream Pad, DJ Reggae Rob, Dead Chemist, Greg Warns, Cuddle Noise, Femme Fatale Productions and the Willamette Valley Music Festival.

wvmf logo.png
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the dream pad april 6-02.jpg
the dream pad april 6-06.jpg
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spiller drafts-01.jpg
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high house april 6 show-01.jpg
cherry meltdown draft-03.jpg
los gondos draft-01.jpg
the high house logo final-04.jpg
hoodoo voodoo beats draft1-01.jpg
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join the dance draft-02.jpg
join the dance draft-06.jpg
cuddle noise draft-08.jpg
novacane ep draft-02.jpg